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Was the driver able to stop on time?

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In many situations, people suffer an accident – or manage to avoid it entirely – because of how quickly a driver is able to react. A second or two can make the difference between a near miss, a rear end collision and a fatal crash.

Recently in McMinn County, a bicyclist was fatally struck on Highway 30 East. What’s been reported in the news is that the cyclist veered into traffic and then got hit by a car. Could the collision have been avoided? According to the driver and some witnesses, it seemed unavoidable.

Here are some points that seem to be in the driver’s support:

  • Speed apparently wasn’t a factor; one witness mentioned that cars were traveling at roughly 35 mph.
  • The driver reports that immediately before the collision, he had glanced for a “split second” at a passing truck; when he looked back ahead, the cyclist was already in front of him, and slamming on the brakes did no good. Witnesses at this point corroborate the driver’s testimony – that he slammed on the brakes, but there wasn’t much time; the cyclist may have appeared too suddenly. The fact that the driver apparently wasn’t texting or engaging in another obvious distracting activity helps his case.
  • Although it was nighttime, the cyclist reportedly had no reflective gears or lights on his bike, making it less likely that drivers would be able to see him in time.

The investigation, however, continues. And in spite of appearing to have done what he could to avoid the collision, the driver is currently in trouble for using a suspended license on the road (this could damage his credibility). He’s also voluntarily undergone blood tests, so that police can determine if he had alcohol or drugs in his system during the crash. But so far, there’s no evidence he was driving negligently.

Figuring out if a collision could have been prevented isn’t always easy. It’s important to contact experiencedChattanooga personal injury attorneys who will analyze what happened and offer you guidance and legal advocacy. Sometimes a driver just doesn’t have enough time to stop, while other times there’s evidence of negligent or reckless behavior on the road.

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