Motorcycle wreck in Chattanooga

What Could Cause a Motorcyclist to Go Out of Control? Consult with a Chattanooga Personal Injury Attorney

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Recently, Chattanooga police reported a fatal motorbike accident that occurred among a group of motorcyclists traveling together on Hixson Pike. One of the motorcyclists lost control of their bike, and hit another rider. Both went off the road, resulting in death for one of them and minor injuries for the other.

Between 1999 and 2008 motorcyclist deaths more than doubled, according to data reported by the CDC. Along with tens of thousands of deaths, there were also hundreds of thousands of injuries necessitating visits to the emergency room. A little over a fifth of nonfatal motorcycle injuries involved damage primarily to the head or neck; the serious consequences of head and neck trauma include paralysis, comas, and brain injuries that impair cognitive and motor functioning.

Although police are still investigating the cause of this recent crash, it’s worth considering the typical reasons for a motorcyclist losing control of a bike. These include the following:

  • Motorcyclists may misjudge the space between their vehicle and other vehicles on the road. They may get too close to other vehicles and not have sufficient space to maneuver or enough time to avert an imminent collision. One example of this is the tendency of some motorcyclists to weave around each other and between cars and trucks.
  • They may share a lane with another motorcyclist, riding more or less in parallel with them. Again, this would give them less space to maneuver if they want to avoid another vehicle or some road hazard such as a patch of ice or a large pothole.
  • Many accidents occur on curves in the road. Motorcyclists may handle a curve inappropriately, and wind up careening off the road or skidding into other vehicles.

In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, contact experienced Chattanooga personal injury attorneys. An attorney will carefully review your accident with you, help you figure out who may be liable, and fight on your behalf to receive compensation from insurance companies and from drivers or motorcyclists whose negligence contributed to the crash.

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