What Does the Future Hold for Accident Victims with Traumatic Brain Injuries?

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It’s almost impossible to describe just how difficult recovering from an accident can be.  It can entail months and months of rehabilitation, and even after all of that, an accident victim may still never be the same again.  Possibly the most devastating injury you can suffer in an accident is a brain injury because its effects often will last a lifetime.

That’s what a coach from a nearby college has been dealing with, but we’re glad to say that he appears to be making progress.  In April, an assistant basketball coach at Dalton State College was driving with his fiancée when he lost control of his car.  The accident took the life of his fiancée and left the coach with life-threatening injuries.

He was put into a medically induced coma, but soon after began once again talking and walking.  Since that time, he’s been recovering at a medical center that specializes in spinal cord and brain injuries, but it looks like he’s finally being released.  His rehabilitation is far from over, though.  He’ll continue rehab at an outpatient facility where he will continue to restore his mind and body with daily exercise and training.

It’s been said that the man has made an “enormous amount of progress over the past three weeks,” but the road to recovery will still be a long one.  As injury attorneys in Chattanooga, we’ve seen accident victims struggle with similar injuries, but we’ve also seen brave individuals fight to return themselves to normality.  We hope the coach will be able to do the same.

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