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What’s Causing the Recent Rash of Train Accidents in the Area? | Chattanooga Accident Lawyers

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Train accidents are something that you might not think about very often.  It’s true that they don’t happen as often as car accidents or big truck accidents, but they do still pose a danger.  In fact, within the last month there have been three serious train accidents in the Chattanooga area.  So, what’s behind this sudden increase in train accidents?

Last week, a 68-year-old man was struck by a train while driving an SUV through Dalton.    According to witnesses, the driver approached a railroad crossing on Tyler Street when the train signals went off and the crossing arms dropped.  He stopped for a moment, but then apparently rolled onto the tracks where he was hit.  While he was struck at a low rate of speed, the train still pushed him a quarter of a mile.  The incident is still under investigation by Dalton police.  Did the man think he could beat the train or was it a simple slip of the foot?

The accident follows an April 2nd train accident that sadly took a man’s life.  An 80-year-old driver was attempting to cross a set of tracks in Dade County when the truck in front of him stopped and he found himself stuck on the tracks.  With no place to drive, he was hit by the approaching train and killed.  Just a day later, an 18-wheeler was crossing tracks at the base of Lookout Mountain when it was struck by a train.  The train hit the trailer and nearly ripped it in half.

As accident lawyers in Chattanooga, we have to implore you to never try to cross tracks when a train is approaching.  The hassle of waiting for it to pass isn’t worth your life or serious injury.

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