Why Are Legislators Protecting Wrongdoers At Your Expense?

Why Are Legislators Protecting Wrongdoers At Your Expense?

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Are we now a state of protecting the wrongdoers to the benefit of insurance companies and the Chamber of Commerce? It is time for people to wake up and realize that a drug-crazed lunatic can blow through an intersection, destroy your family and right now there are legislators listening to insurance company lobbyists and the Chamber of Commerce who are trying to limit your rights.

There was even a bill proposed that said if you did not have auto insurance for any reason and the drug-crazed lunatic destroys your family, your doctor is the only one who recovers…not smart. How about the mother of three that was left high and dry by her spouse and can’t afford insurance? Or the payment that was one day late? Who proposes such a bill? Or any bill that will benefit wrongdoers and punish victims of this state? We already have laws that require auto insurance so why make insurance companies richer at the expense of victimized people of this state?

A lawsuit is the only way to have, what should be, an unmolested course to right a wrong some wrongdoer caused you. Do you want anyone to take that away from you? Too long these interested individuals have thrown around buzz words with no basis… the tort reform lie. Tell the people that were injected with meningitis what the value of their life would be. Especially, when it turns out to be your husband or wife that dies because some company did not take the care, or cut the cost needed, to prevent such a heinous disease from being injected in your/his/her body.

Anyone can find themselves the victim of a wrongdoer, but what can be done right?Let’s talk about the campaign of tainting the jury pool. These entities have benefited from a fine brainwashing campaign. There was even a recent commercial stating “lawsuit abuse” where the facts show otherwise. Terms like “frivolous lawsuit,” “doctors leaving the state” and “insurance crisis” have as much basis in fact as Bigfoot. Name a doctor who has left state? All the ones I know are doing quite well. All the ones you know are doing quite well.

Here’s a shocker…because of the brainwashing campaign, insurance companies will fire a defense attorney if he or she doesn’t demand a jury. That’s right. Where is that term you have been sold? ….hold on ….wait for it… “runaway jury.” People that believe anything they hear will buy that. For example, the insurance companies covering north Georgia are having a great time yucking it up because they say … “well, this is north Georgia.” That’s right, the insurance companies are laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of victims in north Georgia and only the sane actions of a jury can stop that.

The change is simple…next time you hear the big lie…think to yourself that person is hurting me and my family. Maybe not today, but those of you that have suffered the actions of wrongdoers know…it can happen to anybody….anytime.

Jay Kennamer

Chattanooga, TN

Originally posted in the opinion section of Chattanoogan.com.


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