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Will “Green Trips” Reduce the Amount of Cars on Our Roads? | Chattanooga Auto Accident Attorneys

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How much time do you spend in your car throughout the day?  Are there times where you could walk to your destination but choose not to?  What if simply taking a bike to the grocery store instead of driving could win you prizes?  That’s what “Green Trips,” a program recently rolled out in Southeastern Tennessee and Northern Georgia, is promising.

The Chattanooga-Hamilton County-North Georgia Transportation Planning Organization has adopted the “Green Trips” program in our area.  The program encourages people to get out if their car and either walk, ride a bike, or take a shuttle to wherever they’re headed.  The ultimate goal is to cut down on the number of drivers on the road and, in turn, cut down on pollution.  But there’s an added bonus.

Green Trips allows those who participate to register online and log all the times that they walk, bike, take the shuttle, etc.  And all those that are registered will be entered to win prizes ranging from bike passes to iPads.  But are prizes enough to keep us out of our cars?

The executive director for Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority thinks so.  She said, “It should get more cars off the road, more people will look at alternate means of transportation and win prizes along the way.”

Chattanooga Green Trips

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