Will New Laws Prevent Future Outbreaks Like Fungal Meningitis? | Chattanooga Injury Attorneys

Will New Laws Prevent Future Outbreaks Like Fungal Meningitis? | Chattanooga Injury Attorneys

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Compounding pharmacies were all over the news in the past several months as steroid injections traced to one were linked to a string of deadly fungal meningitis infections. The state of Tennessee suffered more tragedies than most, so it makes sense that state authorities are proposing new laws to prevent it from happening again.

Compounding pharmacies offer a very specific service. They serve as a middle ground between large-scale drug manufacturers and patients that need more personalized medicines. These pharmacies ‘customize’ prescriptions to fit the needs of their patients. This can include taking a medication that exists in pill form and making it into a gas or liquid, removing certain allergens from medicine, or simply adding flavors.

After the fungal meningitis outbreak new laws hope to prevent future tragedies.

What these pharmacies cannot do is mass produce medications for multiple patients; in most cases everything they make must have a prescription attached. But the demand for drugs increases year after year, and these compounding pharmacies have stepped in to try and meet the demand. The race to fill drug shortages can lead to shortcuts, however, and when it comes to medication, shortcuts can be deadly.

The problem is that these smaller compounding pharmacies, unlike the larger manufacturers, aren’t subject to the stricter federal regulations. The FDA believes the pharmacies have “outgrown the law and can pose a threat to the health of the public.” But the recent fungal meningitis outbreak may be changing all that. The Tennessee State Board is calling for more inspections and regulations and wants laws put into place that would make sure that compounding pharmacies can no longer find loopholes that disregard public safety.

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