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Windshield Visibility Is Extremely Important For Safety

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The windshield is your window to the road outside your car. A windshield in good condition not only allows you to see and react to the outside environment, it protects you from flying road debris and provides structural strength to your roof should you experience a rollover accident. Unfortunately, proper maintenance of this essential car component gets less attention than other auto parts such as the tires and brakes. As auto accident lawyers, we want to bring to your attention four windshield maintenance tips that will increase your driving safety.

Keep Your Windshield Clear of Grime

Over time, a film of grime can build up on the inside of your windshield in the form of oils from fingers, residue from cigarette smoke, vinyl off-gassing from the dashboard, and miscellaneous smudges. Under certain lighting conditions such as driving into the sun or at night, interior grime amplifies windshield glare which reduces your ability to see the road, other vehicles, and pedestrians. Use micro fiber-cloth with a commercial window cleaner or rubbing alcohol to keep the interior surface clean. Clean the exterior surface first so that you can easily see the interior grime.

Replace Pitted and Grainy Windshields

After years of getting hit by small pebbles and blasted by wind-driven grit and sand, windshield exteriors will become pitted and grainy. Like windshield grime, this condition produces glare problems while driving into a sunset or sunrise and while night driving. Unlike windshield grime, cleaning won’t fix this problem. Get your windshield replaced.

Immediately Repair Chipped or Cracked Windshields

Damaged windshields partially obstruct your vision and causes you to shift your focus away from the road to the crack itself which is a form of distraction. Light from headlights also reflect off the cracks at night. The damage diminishes the windshield’s structural integrity which makes it more prone to collapse when hit by road debris, rocks, or your airbag during an accident.