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Winter Season Safety Tips

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Early winter means festive times, celebration, parties, beautiful lighting display and feasts of fellowship, love, and joy. It also, unfortunately, means the highest rate of accidents every year. House fires increase exponentially at this time of year, with many caused by cooking accidents and others caused by Christmas trees and holiday lighting displays.

Avoiding these problems and keeping your loved ones safe this holiday season means being vigilant and careful in everything you do. Discover some important winter safety tips to help you to avoid accidents and to keep you safe both at home and during travel this holiday season.

Winter Fire Safety by the Numbers

Following our winter safety tips means understanding how holiday fires happen. There is an average of 210 house fires every year which start at the Christmas Tree. On average, these fires result in 16 injuries, 6 fatalities, and over $16 million in property damage every year. One in every 34 fires of this type ends up with a death. 35% of Christmas tree fires start due to some sort of lighting or electrical issues. 23% are deliberate burning that gets out of control, and 38% start in the family room, den or living room.

Other decorations cause an average of 860 home fires every year, with 45% resulting from decorations being too close to candles, 20% starting in the kitchen, and 20% occurring in December. Candles over half of all December home decoration fires, with the top three days being Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Winter Safety Tips

Our winter safety tips for holiday fires involve attention, vigilance, and care. Keep open flames far away from anything flammable. Candles look lovely but they’re as dangerous as they are peaceful and serene. Carefully check all of your holiday lights to be sure there are no broken bulbs or shorts that could cause a fire. Use surge protectors on everything.

Never decorate your outdoor area with indoor lights. These aren’t just clever designations; there are real electrical differences between the two. If you’re creating an outdoor lighting display, make sure that the lights you’re using are rated for outdoor use.

The Christmas Tree Fire

Christmas tree fires can ignite your entire home fast. When you select your tree, make sure it’s alive and in good shape. Be sure there aren’t needles falling off of it. Cut the trunk at a slight angle before putting it into the water stand, and make sure you fill and change the water daily to keep the tree moist. Finally, when you’re disposing of your Christmas tree, keep it away from the house. Don’t stow it in the garage or leaning next to the outdoor wall.

Legal Help for Holiday Injuries

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