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Winter Weather to Blame for 7-Vehicle Accident in Wilcox Tunnel

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Monday night Chattanooga saw temperatures as low as 19 degrees with patches of ice on the roads. The icy road conditions are thought to be the cause of a 7-car wreck in Wilcox Tunnel around 8:00 p.m.

Wilcox Tunnel was shut down in both directions.

Dropping temperatures combined with scattered flurries and some snow showers led to a number of counties delaying or canceling school for Tuesday.

The weather forecast is calling for a warmer end to the week, but wintery conditions can still pose a problem for Chattanooga motorists.

Chattanooga isn’t called the Scenic City for nothing. We have beautiful mountains and ridges that surround us. But when the winter comes, conditions on some of our roads can become dangerous with snow and ice.

Winter Weather in Chattanooga leads to car accidents

Safe Winter Weather Driving Tips

• Slow Down

• Turn on Your Lights

• Use Your Low Beams

• Check Wiper Blades

• Check Anti-Freeze/Coolant Levels

• Check Your Tire Pressure

• Keep Gas Tank More Than Half-Full

• Keep a First-Aid Kit in Your Vehicle

• Don’t Use Your Cell Phone While Driving

• Turn Off Radio – Only Use to Check Conditions

• Keep a Warm Blanket and Extra Clothing In Case of Emergency

• Travel During the Day if Possible

• Stock Your Car with Water and Food

• If You Can… Stay At Home

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