Woman Killed By Bus in Tennessee School Zone | Chattanooga Wrongful Death Lawyers

Woman Killed By Bus in Tennessee School Zone | Chattanooga Wrongful Death Lawyers

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Tennessee school zones are designed to be safe for the children and motorists traveling through them. In these zones, the speed limits are often drastically lowered and caution lights are usually flashing, but even with these precautions, tragedy can still strike. A recent accident in Morristown was a reminder of the dangers that exist near busy schools.

A woman was dropping her grandchildren off at a local middle school when her car was rear-ended by another driver. According to reports, she got out of her car to inspect the damage and to talk with the other driver. Both cars were still in the roadway after the wreck and an approaching bus was unable to stop in time to avoid hitting them. The school bus smashed into the second car, pushing it into the woman and killing her on impact.

A woman is killed after she's hit by a bus while checking her car for damage from a prior accident.The bus was carrying several children but none of them were injured. Obviously worried about the kids witnessing such a traumatic event, school officials brought in counselors to talk with the children. “We have adults in place to help them so they can talk through their feelings and to share those thoughts and feelings with adults. Our counselors are great about that and also with dealing with families.”

As is the law, the bus driver was required to be tested for drugs and alcohol after the wreck, and the bus will be inspected to check for mechanical issues. Officials from the school will also look at the safety of the bus’ route since they suspect the blinding morning sunlight could have also been a factor. No charges have been filed yet, but it’s still under investigation.

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