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Working with a Chattanooga Car Accident Attorney After an Accident on Wintry Roads

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With winter soon upon us, Chattanooga car accident attorneys are going to be busy working with clients on road accidents. It’s no different here at McMahan Law Firm where we’re expecting far too many road accidents if snow and ice permeate roads. Unfortunately, you’ll find far too many people who don’t drive carefully when snow and ice coats the roadways here. In some cases, it’s only because they aren’t used to driving on it, or perhaps because they mistakenly think they have control of their vehicle at a normal speed.

What should you do if you’re hit by a car after one of those individuals above hits you in snowy or icy conditions?

Contacting Us to Get to the Accident Scene

Things can become more challenging after your accident when roads are in bad condition. Even getting an ambulance to your accident scene can take longer if the roads are treacherous enough. But if you call us, we’ll do everything in our power to get to the scene of your accident. Evidence gathered early is going to be important because melting snow and ice could eliminate some evidence if gathered a few days or weeks later.

Photographs of the accident scene will have to be done more carefully because snow and ice could cover certain key pieces of evidence like lane markers or even damage on your car. We’ll make sure your car damage is photographed properly. This includes a picture of the other person’s car that hit you.

Later, once the snow and ice has presumably melted, we’ll be doing further investigations into what happened through finding video footage or nearby witnesses. And any insurance companies coming after you to get you to settle early will be handled by us. In no way should you settle early when you’ve incurred severe injuries that could cost you quality of life.

Finding Out What Happened in the Accident

One of the key pieces of evidence in car accidents involving snow or ice is proving the other driver was going too fast compared to you, or was perhaps distracted. In the middle of a civil lawsuit, proving that you were a careful driver and the other person wasn’t goes a long way in proving some people drive too fast in wintry conditions. That negligent driver should be liable in paying compensation to you after determining you may be suffering medical and financial issues for years down the road.

Contact us here at McMahan Law Firm so we can fight for you in achieving  justice after being in a wintertime car accident. With so many deaths on snowy and icy roads, living with devastating injuries can be the worst life experience. Let us help you find peace of mind during the legal process and after by winning a settlement that’s well-deserved.

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