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Working with Your 18-Wheeler Accident Attorneys: Reconstructing Your Accident

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If you’ve been in an 18-wheeler accident in the Chattanooga area recently, you’re likely dealing with some injuries that will soon be reflected through very expensive medical bills. With injuries perhaps already being devastating to you due to not being able to work, not being able to pay your medical bills can bring even more stress. This may be compounded with the knowledge the truck driver who hit you is still out there driving while you suffer.

A confluence of these issues should persuade you to hire a good personal injury lawyer in the Chattanooga area. We can be that legal source for you here at the McMahan Law Firm. And when we take on your 18-wheeler accident case, we’ll make sure that we reconstruct your accident so you’ll have compelling proof available when filing a claim.

How does an accident reconstruction work? We won’t leave any detail behind.

Hiring Accident Reconstruction Specialists

We frequently hire accident reconstruction specialists to help determine who was really to blame in any kind of vehicular accident. Using careful, scientific measurements and even the use of security cameras, things can be determined that might have been impossible before the age of advanced technology.

These elements can also be depended upon if few people exist who witnessed the accident. With witness testimony not always being accurate, we’ll make sure that science goes into your case based on physical evidence and any available detailed footage picked up on cameras.

Tapping into Truck Driver Maintenance Logs

All truckers have maintenance logs they keep on record through their company. During our investigation, we’ll acquire these as part of the reconstruction to get a clearer picture of who was really to blame. Was the truck driver directly responsible, or did the company he or she works for not properly maintain the truck? In the latter case, you may have a lawsuit against the entire company for perhaps being negligent in preventing mechanical failure on the 18-wheeler. Or, it could even be that both the driver and company were negligent in causing the accident.

Most importantly, we’ll check to see if the driver followed state and federal laws and regulations. If they didn’t, your case becomes all the stronger on who the real guilty party is behind the accident.

Analyzing Your Injuries

It’s important that we gather your medical information on the injuries you had prior to any treatments. This can determine things in the accident reconstruction that shows the impact of the crash and just how fast the truck driver might have been going. Whiplash injuries are typical, though you likely suffered many other complex injuries if it was a high-impact collision.

Contact us here at the McMahan Law Firm so we can review your case and get an accident reconstruction started before we file your claim. With accurate evidence all the more important in cases like this, we’ll seek out the best proof available that you were a victim of another person’s negligence. And we’ll fight for the compensation you deserve for injuries that may affect your ability to function normally for the rest of your life.

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