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Working with Your Chattanooga Car Accident Attorney: How Fast Should Evidence be Gathered?

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Whenever a car accident occurs here in Chattanooga, calling a Chattanooga car accident attorney is going to be the most essential move you can make. No matter if you had to be whisked away in an ambulance with injuries, calling that attorney while in your hospital bed or through the aid of a family member can make a considerable difference. That’s because when you know someone else was to blame for the accident, you want the proper accident evidence to show definitive proof.

The only way toward gaining the most powerful evidence is to get someone to the accident scene as soon after the accident as possible. Having a personal injury attorney present at the accident scene is going to help in gathering evidence that might otherwise get lost in the confusion of events. It could be a key piece of evidence that will help your lawsuit case go faster later.

Here at McMahan Law Firm, the above is one of our immediate goals when you call us after a car accident occurs. What things will we look for and do to make sure nothing disappears?

Gathering the Right Evidence

While some evidence can certainly be found later, things like glass on the road from your car, other debris, or witnesses will be of immediate value. Pieces of your car that might have been damaged and lying in the street may be picked up and taken away by clean-up crews, including the cleaning of glass. Getting photographs of this or even taking them as key pieces of evidence is a top priority by us. The same goes for witnesses who have details of the accident fresher in their minds than they would when being interrogated later.

For a more extensive look at the evidence, we sometimes hire accident investigators to find out more information about what happened. This could mean gaining access to traffic cameras that are quite frequent over traffic lights. This can capture definitive evidence of who caused the accident just in case there’s differing opinions from witnesses.

And, of course, your medical records will be of extreme value since it shows the impact of the accident on your health and life. If you have injuries that will affect you for the rest of your life, combining that with other evidence makes for a very compelling case a jury won’t deny.

It’s why it’s essential you contact us as soon as you can here at McMahan Law Firm if you’ve just been in a car accident. If you’re able to talk, we can talk to you with a free consultation, even if someone calls us for you. If someone else calls for you, we’ll want to see you in person soon to get your approval for legal counsel.

Don’t let someone who caused a car accident and personal injury to you get away without paying you compensation. Despite many of those situations being unfortunate accidents, you’re entitled to justice when the evidence is overwhelming.

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