Texting And Driving Chattanooga

Working with Your Chattanooga Car Accident Attorneys to Determine a Texting Driver

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Chattanooga car accident attorney is going to be essential if you’ve been in a car accident because the other driver is doing one of the most egregious actions while driving: texting. With so many warnings and even laws passed in some states about texting while driving, it can be very frustrating when seeing so many accidents still being caused by someone attempting to send a text message.

Here at McMahan Law Firm, we’re ready to defend you if you happen to be a car accident victim from someone who was texting while driving. Our job isn’t to figure out the psychology behind why someone would text while driving, but instead to prove it happened. Evidence is going to be crucial in any car accident scenario so you can prove without a doubt someone else was negligent and not yourself.

How do we go about proving a driver was texting while driving that caused you devastating injuries possibly affecting you for life?

Gathering Evidence at the Scene of an Accident

It’s always important to call us immediately after experiencing a car accident, because fresh evidence can make a huge difference in proving your car accident was caused by texting and driving. Nevertheless, you don’t have to be concerned if all evidence isn’t gathered minutes after the accident occurs. While you can (and should) gather evidence on your own before we get there if you’re able, some compelling evidence can frequently be found later.

When trying to prove someone was texting while driving, it might appear evidence would be vague if no one was around to see anything. This isn’t necessarily the case in the era of cameras being everywhere. We frequently hire private investigators to take on car accidents and look into details that can be found weeks after the fact. This can include traffic cameras possibly picking up evidence showing the driver texting before plowing into your car.

It can also mean witnesses who witnessed the accident firsthand. While there may be controversy at times over what a witness remembers accurately, we only use the ones who can prove they have good memories. When you have several witnesses saying the same thing, the evidence can be very powerful.

Other scientific evidence on how the accident occurred can give probable cause the driver was possibly texting. At the very most, it would show the driver was basically distracted with something that should have waited.

Contact us here at McMahan Law Firm if you’ve just been in a car accident this winter, and you know the driver was texting when it happened. We’ll take things from there so you don’t have to worry about anything except getting yourself on the road to recovery.

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