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Working With Chattanooga Car Accident Lawyers To Keep Records Of Your Injuries

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Chattanooga car accident lawyers help many people in the area deal with car accident cases, but it’s a challenge to win when the client doesn’t keep full records about events. As much as it’s important to gather evidence at the scene of an accident, what happens after an accident occurs is where the worst damage frequently occurs.

In the above case, we mean injuries that sustain for years down the line. When this happens, it usually means one health problem after another occurring and tremendous medical bills. Even rehabilitation can add up after a while and frequently become more expensive than the bill you received from the hospital.

Here at McMahan Law Firm, we aim to make sure our car accident clients have full records available about these illnesses that occur in ensuing months. Even though it’s up to you to do this, we want to show you what kind of records you should keep so evidence isn’t ambiguous during a trial.

Keeping Records of Expenses and Damages

Every detail of your physical damages needs a special file with records showing exactly what your health problems are. You can usually get this from you doctor, though medical records may not show everything. If not, ask for more documentation from your doctor, or write it down yourself with your doctor’s signature to show legitimacy.

Your expense sheet should include everything, whether it’s something as minor as bandages or even the mileage you put in to travel for treatment. No matter what your medical expenses are, it all adds up, and a jury needs to see how much is coming out of your pocket.

A Journal of Dealing with Your Injuries

Keeping a personal diary or journal of all your injuries also helps you keep a better record of what you’ve gone through. Due to brain injuries or other trauma, you may get forgetful about what transpires. With a journal, you keep detailed records of your health challenges that get backed up with your medical expenses and doctoral reports.

Contact us here at McMahan Law Firm if you’ve just been in a car accident so we can help you get organized to show how extensive your injuries are. We’ll prove that your car accident injuries aren’t just a one-time problem and ultimately affect you for the rest of your life.