Young Man Miraculously Survives Three Days in a Ravine After Accident | Chattanooga Car Accident Lawyers

Young Man Miraculously Survives Three Days in a Ravine After Accident | Chattanooga Car Accident Lawyers

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A young man is resting peacefully at home, recovering from serious injuries he sustained in a car accident. But, a week ago he was lying in a ravine next to his demolished truck, wondering if he’d ever see his family again. The 19-year-old had gone to a church event and stayed out late to hang out with friends. Later, he jumped on I-65 to be home by his midnight curfew… he didn’t make it. He fell asleep behind the wheel and his truck careened over a guardrail before plummeting down a 30 foot ravine. He was violently thrown from the vehicle and left unconscious.

When their son’s curfew came and went his parents grew increasingly nervous. They soon set out to look for their son and by the next day, 300 more people had joined in a four-county search for the missing teen.

Injury lawyers share the story of a young man who survived in a ravine for three days after an accident.While they searched, the young man was still lying in the ditch with broken bones and in near freezing conditions. He tried in vain to pull himself up the steep hill but his shattered leg and broken shoulder kept him from making it up the embankment. By the second day he managed to stay hydrated by drinking rainwater from a broken headlight. He saw the rain as a gift. ‘That was day number two and I think the Lord made it rain on purpose just that night so I’d make it.’

His faith is what kept him going because they were several times he didn’t think he could. ‘I asked [God] to take my life a couple of times but he didn’t, he had a purpose for me.’ After three days of lying in the muddy ravine, the young man made one last effort to scale the hill. He slid on his back, pushing himself up with his unbroken leg until he finally reached the road.

A trucker saw him and quickly called for help. After missing their son for three days, his family couldn’t be more thankful for his return and think it’s nothing short of a miracle. ‘I don’t believe in luck,’ said his father, ‘It was the Lord. It was 100 percent in his plan, and his will, and his way. He talked to my son through the whole thing, and I would say, per what [my son] has told me, they’ve become very close.’

The young man doesn’t argue that point. People have been telling him how incredibly tough and resilient he is, but he doesn’t accept the credit. ‘No, it’s just God.’

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The Insiders at the McMahan Law Firm join the young man’s family and community on wishing him a speedy recovery and a bright future.

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