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Attorney G. Brent Burks and Attorney James Kennamer are The Insiders of The McMahan Law Firm. We are your Chattanooga personal injury lawyers and will fight for you. We don’t get paid until you get paid.

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Car Accident

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Truck Accident

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Motorcycle Accident

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The Firm's History

Mr. McMahan worked as an insurance industry trial lawyer for 15 years before he founded the law firm that bears his name. During that time he gained firsthand knowledge about how insurance companies and insurance agents deal with personal injury claims from those who have suffered in an accident, and he didn’t like it.

In 1992, Mr. McMahan turned the tables and decided to use his valuable insider knowledge as a personal injury lawyer instead. He started helping people fight the insurance companies he previously defended. He went to work as plaintiffs’ counsel for Clements & Schulman and went on to become a partner there. Then, in 1995, The McMahan Law Firm was born. Since opening day, Mr. McMahan passed along his insider knowledge to us — the personal injury lawyers and legal staff at this firm.

Now, we carry on Mr. McMahan’s vision. We are proud to work on the side of those who have been injured because of negligence or accidents. We here at The McMahan Law Firm dedicate all our efforts to getting fair, just and reasonable compensation for those who need it most… people like you.

We Don't Get Paid Until You Do!

The McMahan Law Firm takes all our cases on a contingency fee basis. That means, our Chattanooga personal injury lawyers don’t get paid until we successfully settle your claim. We accept a 40% contingency fee on slip-and-fall cases, a 33 1/3% fee on auto accident cases and only a 20% fee on workers’ comp cases.