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Premises liability laws in Tennessee keep property owners accountable if negligent maintenance causes a slip-and-fall injury or other accident injury to someone who has access to their premises. The general public takes for granted that shopping store aisles are level, dry and free from debris, that a loose branch won’t fall from a tree in a parking lot and onto a new car, and that the coffee shop electrical outlet is grounded and safe for plugging in a laptop.

However, not all property owners are diligent with upkeep. When a property owner doesn’t keep his or her property in a safe condition, visitors are more likely to sustain accidents. Poorly-executed maintenance, insufficient security, and dog bites are all situations that could be conducive to accidents and can be included in a premises liability claim. Accidents that occur due to unkempt property may produce only minor injuries, however, some of these situations can result in very serious injuries if a person hits their head or hurts their back.

People don’t expect to sustain injury at any place that’s open to the public because public properties are supposed to be well-maintained. Even if a property owner doesn’t want to do all that maintenance, premises liability laws hold them accountable for doing it. Those laws hold true even if property maintenance is contracted out to a separate person or company. Ultimately, the property owner is responsible for the safety of all visitors to his or her premises.

Insurance Covers An Accident on Commercial Property, But…

Property owners and managers have insurance in place to take care of any injuries that occur on their properties, but in order for a slip and fall injury victim to make a premises liability claim under that insurance policy, it has to be proven that the injury sustained was directly related to the property owner’s negligence. We all have to allow for the unexpected mishaps of everyday life, but if a problem exists on a property and no effort was made to correct it or give warning of it, then someone has been negligent. If that negligence resulted in an accident and personal injury, then the insurance company needs to pay for the injured party’s recovery.

It’s important to contact Jay and Brent for help making a slip and fall injury claim as soon as possible after the injury. As experienced Chattanooga slip and fall attorneys, we know evidence needs to be preserved or photographed immediately; before anyone at the property can fix the hazard and while witnesses to the accident are available to give official statements.

Just like with auto accidents and other cases of personal injury, it’s in the party-at-fault’s best interest, and their insurance company’s best interest, to save money on your claim. They may go to great lengths to discredit you, blame you or otherwise make you pay for your recovery out of your own pocket, so don’t hesitate to contact us for help.

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