Accident Survivors Don’t Let Injuries Keep Them From Taking a Swing

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Accidents have the power to change lives forever.  Accidents that cause injuries almost certainly will.  But you don’t have to let an injury keep you from living life to the fullest.  A young car accident victim isn’t letting a devastating injury keep him from having fun, and his story is one that can inspire us all.

A year ago, a local 10-year-old boy was in a terrible car accident.  He lost his leg, and his future quickly became uncertain.  The Wounded Warriors Amputee Softball Team, made up of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who lost limbs in the war, are giving children like him the chance to play ball just like any other kid.

Over the summer, the Wounded Warriors coached the 10-year-old on how to hit, throw, and field with his disability.  The Warriors have served as mentors to the kids who were selected to train with them, showing them that a debilitating injury doesn’t have to slow them down.  They aren’t just improving kids skills on the ball field; they are improving their outlook on life by showing them they are not alone.

After attending camp in Kentucky, all of the chosen kids were invited to play on a real minor league field.  They got to play, run the bases, and feel like pros for the day.  The Wounded Warrior program has helped these kids live up to their motto: ‘Life Without a Limb is Limitless.’ 

We know how devastating an injury accident can be, and love seeing survivors show their strength in the face of adversity.

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