Chattanooga Wrongful Death Lawyers Report On Fatal Boat Accident

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In 2010, a terrible tragedy occurred on the Tennessee River – two men were killed when their fishing boat was struck by a massive line of barges being pulled by a towboat.  The captain of that towboat soon found himself facing charges of criminally negligent homicide, and his trial has finally begun in Hamilton County.

It all surrounds an event that occurred over four years ago on a sunny afternoon.  Three men were fishing for catfish on the Tennessee River when a towboat approached, pulling a 647ft wall of barges.

The fisherman looked up to see the barges coming toward them without warning.  They went to fire up their engine, but to their horror, it wouldn’t start.  They tried to paddle and tried to yell to get someone on the towboat’s attention, but nothing worked.  Soon, the line of barges slammed into their fishing boat and smashed it to pieces.  The men were pulled under the barges and two of them lost their lives.  It was truly heartbreaking.

There are many more details to the story, however.  Shortly before the collision, the towboat’s captain had sent his front-of-the-boat lookout to perform other deckhand tasks.  Without that lookout, there were many blind spots where a boat wouldn’t be noticed.  In fact, after the accident the barge continued down the river for miles before being notified that an accident had happened.

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