Chattanooga Wrongful Deaths: Punitive Damages as Punishment

Surviving Families Can Take Action Against Negligent Companies | Wrongful Death Lawyers Chattanooga

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Hopefully, you work in a place where you don’t have to fear for your safety every time you punch in. Some jobs do have an inherent risk involved, but your employers should be doing everything they can to reduce the possibility of you suffering a serious injury or worse, losing your life. But sometimes fatal workplace accidents happen and just last year we shared the tragic story of a man who was killed in local manufacturing plant when he fell through a faulty grate and into a steel press.

At that time the facility was receiving a hefty fine from the Tennessee Department of Labor, but what may have been lost during the discussion was the mourning family the worker left behind. But now the son of the victim is seeking compensation against the company he believed was responsible for his father’s death.

He has filed a $3 million dollar wrongful death lawsuit against TAG Manufacturing. For him, seeing the company simply fined for their negligence isn’t enough. He and his family have certainly been going through an unthinkable amount of pain. Not only have they most likely had to deal with the cost of burying their father, but they’ve also been dealing with the crippling grief of prematurely losing someone they love in such a horrific way.

The son’s lawsuit claims that TAG ‘failed to properly install, maintain, and repair the bar grating floor panels, which resulted in his father’s death.’ If this is proven, then they definitely deserve the money they are seeking.

Chattanooga Wrongful Death Lawyers

No amount of money can replace a loved one, but it can ease the burden that their wrongful death caused. Losing a loved one in any accident can quickly become overwhelming. The emotional grief will hopefully heal with time, but the financial burden can be addressed immediately.

The Insiders at the McMahan Law Firm have worked with the surviving families of wrongful death victims for years. They know how heartbreaking this time can be and want to help make sure you can mourn with your family without having to worry about the financial stresses.

The Insiders offer free case reviews to families of Chattanooga wrongful death victims and are ready to get started on your case right away. Just contact us today.

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