A lawyer in Chattanooga is helping a man understand his personal injury claim policy.

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Attorney Brent Burks:
We help people who have been injured on the job every day.

Attorney Jay Kennamer:
Just listen to this story.

Speaker 1:
I hurt my back and shoulder moving a patient at work, and when I got the MRI, the injury turned out to be even worse than I thought and I ended up needing surgery. I was looking at months of physical therapy. So I called The Insiders! They got my surgery paid for and got me $140,000 in comp benefits!

Attorney Brent Burks:
I’m Brent.

Attorney Jay Kennamer:
And I’m Jay. If you’ve been hurt on the job, call us.

Jay & Brent:
It’s just that easy!

Speaker 2:
Call 265-1100.