How Can We Protect Our Seniors Against the Negligence of Others? | Chattanooga Auto Accident Attorneys

How Can We Protect Our Seniors Against the Negligence of Others? | Chattanooga Auto Accident Attorneys

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Tennessee’s seniors are some of our state’s most precious citizens. They are a wealth of knowledge and experience and caring for them is a responsibility that can’t be taken lightly. That’s why it’s so upsetting when we hear that our senior citizens have been victims of another person’s negligence, like Monday morning when a group of people with an adult daycare service were involved in a serious auto accident.

A passenger van transporting twelve people entered an intersection at Standifer Gap and Hickory Valley Roads, an intersection well known for traffic accidents. A pastor at a church located at the corner said, “I’ve only been here for two years and there have been several wrecks at the corner.” The intersection lived up to its reputation when a utility van ran through a red light and smashed into the adult daycare passenger van.

A group of seniors were injured when their van was hit in Chattanooga.

The impact was enough to flip the van onto its side. Emergency crews soon arrived, but many of the van’s passengers were trapped inside the vehicle. The crews were forced to cut part of the top of the van’s roof off in order to pull the seniors inside to safety. Ultimately all twelve of the van’s passengers were transported to local hospitals, eight of which had to be taken away on stretchers.

It’s a sad reminder of how one simple lack of judgment like running a red light can have an immense impact on so many lives. Hopefully those involved in the wreck will recover quickly, so they can continue to live out their lives with the peace and dignity they deserve.

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