The dedicated Chattanooga Personal Injury lawyers at The McMahan Law Firm want you to be aware of the tactics that insurance companies use to undermine your claim.

Four Tactics Insurance Companies Use To Undermine Your Chattanooga Personal Injury Claim

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Nobody chooses to get seriously injured in an accident just to make money with a personal injury claim. Unfortunately, many insurance companies villainize victims, treating them as if they are embarking on some kind of “get rich quick” scheme. They may try any tactic possible to avoid paying out or to reduce the amount they have to pay. That is why it is important to learn these tactics that insurance companies use to undermine your claim. If you’ve been badly hurt, all you want is to be given the means to get back on your feet and back to your life.

In this blog, you’ll learn the various non-payment tactics insurance companies use to reduce their payout for your personal injury claim and discover why you deserve to have an attorney to fight alongside you. With this knowledge, you can arm yourself with the tools you need to take control of your situation and avoid being taken advantage of.

Tactic 1: Confusion and Coercion

The first thing many insurance companies will do is simply make a lowball offer that is unlikely to cover your injuries. Chances are, this offer will barely cover the medical bills you’ve had so far without even accounting for future expenses you’ll face. They might try a number of tactics to get you to sign off on this offer, and these are typically forms of confusion or coercion.

For instance, they may confuse you by making it nearly impossible to understand what you’re signing or convincing you that their offer is the best you will get for your mounting medical expenses. On the other hand, they may use coercion by threatening to fight you in court if you ask for more. Remember, never sign anything until you talk with an attorney.

Tactic 2: Nullifying the Injury Claim

The next tactic is when the insurance company claims that there is no injury claim to pay out. Though it sounds ridiculous when you know you’ve been hurt, they will try to prove that you’re not injured or that you don’t have a valid claim to support.

For example, they may state that if there is not a police report, there is no evidence of an accident taking place. Similarly, they might say that without proper medical records, you have no proof that you were injured. Of course, without proof, they don’t have to pay.

Our compassionate personal injury attorneys will help you understand that placing the blame on you is a tactic that insurance companies use to undermine your claim.

Tactic 3: Placing the Blame on You

One particularly insidious tactic that insurance companies often use to avoid paying out on injury claims is to shift the blame onto you, the victim. The goal of this tactic is to create doubt about your claims and to shift the burden of responsibility away from their client.

For example, let’s say you were involved in a car accident in which you suffered serious injuries. The other driver’s insurance company might try to claim that you were at fault for the accident, despite evidence to the contrary. They might argue that you were speeding, that you failed to signal your intent to turn, or that you were distracted by your phone or other device at the time of the accident.

This tactic is particularly effective when you do not have strong legal representation. Insurance adjusters are skilled at using legal language and presenting evidence in a way that supports their argument, but fault is not always clear-cut in personal injury cases. Even if you were partially at fault for the accident, you may still be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

If you are faced with this tactic, stay calm and avoid admitting fault or making statements that could be used against you later on. You should also consult with an experienced Chattanooga personal injury attorney as soon as possible to protect your legal rights and increase your chances of receiving fair compensation for your injuries.

Tactic 4: Downplaying the Severity of Your Injuries

If you’ve already proven that you’ve been injured and the accident was their client’s fault, the insurer may then claim that you’re not as badly hurt as you say. This can be done by bringing in a supposedly “unbiased” third-party medical expert to offer testimony contradicting your medical records or to argue that you had pre-existing conditions for which you cannot sue.

Our office will fight against the tactics that insurance companies use to undermine your claim.

Jay and Brent Have Your Back

Jay and Brent, our experienced attorneys at The McMahan Law Firm, have the knowledge and skills to respond to each of the tactics that insurance companies use to undermine your personal injury claim.

They are all too familiar with the confusion and coercion tactics used by insurance adjusters and will help you avoid falling for them. Jay and Brent can also refute claims that there is no injury to pay out or that you are at fault for the accident. They will use their extensive resources and legal expertise to prove the severity of your injuries and fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

When facing pushback from insurance providers, you need expert representation. Jay and Brent are dedicated to standing up against the bullying, double-talk, and non-payment tactics employed by insurance companies. They will work tirelessly to secure a settlement that fully accounts for your emotional, physical, and social losses.

If you have been injured and are struggling to get the compensation you deserve, you’re not alone. Call The McMahan Law Firm today for a free case evaluation and more information on how Jay and Brent can help you.