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Four Tactics Insurance Companies Use To Undermine Your Chattanooga Personal Injury Claim

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Nobody gets seriously injured in an accident looking to get rich. Unfortunately, that’s how many insurance companies treat victims—as embarking in some kind of “get rich quick” scheme. They try any tactic possible to avoid paying out, or to reduce the amount they have to pay and villainize you.

All you want, on the other hand, is to have your injuries covered and the means to get back on your feet and regain control of your life. Learn the various non-payment tactics insurance companies use to reduce their payout for your injury claim, and why you need an attorney to fight.

Confusion and Coercion

The first thing many insurance companies will do, quite simply, is make a lowball offer to cover your injuries. This offer might barely cover the medical bills you’ve had so far, and sometimes not even that much.

They might try a number of tactics to get you to sign off on this offer, including confusing you into not understanding what you’re signing, or coercion in the form of threatening to fight you in court if you ask for more, claiming you won’t get anything if you don’t accept their gracious offer and more. The lesson is never to sign anything until you talk with an attorney.

Nullifying the Injury Claim

The insurance company may, when it comes to a court case, claim that there’s no injury claim to pay out. They will try to prove that you’re not injured at all, or that you don’t have a claim to support.

They might claim that if there’s a lack of a police report, there’s no evidence of an accident. They might claim that with improper medical records, you can’t prove that you’re injured, and without proof, they don’t have to pay.

It Was Your Fault

The insurer might try to make their client out to be the victim by claiming the accident was actually your fault, that their client did not bear the burden of responsibility. They’ll say that you were acting irresponsibly and that it was your own actions that led to the injury. In effect, this nullifies the “duty of care” element upon which most personal injury cases hinge.

You’re Not That Badly Hurt!

Another common tactic, if you do prove that you’re actually injured and the accident was their client’s fault, is that the insurer will claim you’re not as badly hurt as you claim. This can be done through bringing in an “unbiased” third-party medical expert to offer testimony contradicting your medical records, and/or claim that you had pre-existing conditions for which you cannot sue.

Injury Claim Attorneys

These reasons and others are why it is so important, if you’re hurt in an accident, that you seek the services of a qualified injury claim attorney. Only an experienced attorney knows how to fight back against the bullying, double-talk and non-payment tactics employed by insurance companies looking to maintain their profit margin.

You may be entitled to a range of damages for your injury claim including medical bills, loss of relationships, loss of wages and potential, pain and suffering and more. It takes expert representation to get what you deserve, however. If you’ve been injured and are facing pushback from insurance providers, you’re not alone. Call the personal injury attorneys at the McMahan Law Firm for a free case evaluation and more information today.