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I Was Injured On An Airplane, What Are My Options?

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Even when turbulence is involved, those who were hurt on an airplane may be entitled to compensation for their injuries under certain circumstances. Other times, “acts of God” like turbulence do not factor into situations where a person’s injury on an airline was very likely the result of negligence, defective products or both.

Read on to learn how you can determine if your injury could be the fault of others and how you can claim compensation for the damages with the help of a personal injury lawyer.

Turbulence, Falling Baggage and Other Causes of Getting Hurt on an Airplane

There are many common causes of injury on airlines, including:

  • Baggage falling from overhead compartments
  • Turbulence
  • Collisions from beverage carts
  • Falls in the aisle

As for the first injury source, some assert that it happens quite often. One source estimates that approximately 4,500 passengers a year are injured from falling baggage. In some of these instances, turbulence is partially or completely to blame. In others, however, the airline staff may have acted negligently in such a way as to cause the compartment latch to open when it should have not.

How Does Negligence Apply?

Negligence asserts that someone had a duty to be careful about something, but they instead violated that duty and acted negligently. When it comes to airline staff, flight attendants should exercise care and deliberation when loading and securing luggage in overhead compartments. Should they not latch the compartment completely and luggage spills out causing an injury, the airline may be liable for the actions of their employee. They may also be liable on the basis of improper training.

In some instances, negligent behavior can relate to what was not done rather than what was done. For instance, a flight attendant that demands all passengers lift and load their own bags into overhead compartments could be alleged to create a dangerous situation. If the attendant does not assist passengers, instruct them or check their work, the untrained passengers are likely to have improperly loaded and secured the compartments, leading to possible injury.

A personal injury lawyer will assemble evidence based on factors like these in order to determine which actions could have been negligent and how to best argue their client’s case.

Acts of God and Airline Injuries

Many times, airlines will encounter turbulence that ends up injuring passengers. The Federal Aviation Administration claims that, on average, 58 passengers a year are injured from turbulence. Airline pilots, staff, and legal representatives may attempt to claim that such injuries are the result of “acts of God,” and therefore unavoidable.

However, just because turbulence was a factor does not mean it was the sole cause of an injury. For instance, if a flight captain notices incoming turbulence but fails to notify passengers to take their seat and buckle up, the pilot could be said to have acted negligently and contributed to the likelihood of an injury.

Chattanooga Personal Injury Attorneys

If you have been hurt on an airline, you will likely need a personal injury lawyer to help you sort through situations like these and document the most likely source of your injury. With the help of your attorney, you can pursue the maximum amount of compensation for your injury to which you are owed.

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