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Everything You Need To Know About Tennessee’s Move Over Law

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In 2006, a new law passed in the state of Tennessee called the “Move Over” law. According to the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT), the law was “part of the Failure to Yield Emergency Vehicles Law.” When the law passed, Tennessee was considered the 30th state to enforce it, which creates a safety area for emergency vehicles. The “Move Over” law requires drivers to move over to an adjacent lane or slow down when approaching emergency and recovery vehicles. The law also applies to responder vehicles with visible flashing lights and audible sirens. These include solid waste vehicles, highway maintenance vehicles, tow trucks, and utility service vehicles.

In a recent article by The Legal Examiner, a Kingsport tow truck driver shared a Facebook video that has gone viral. The video shows the dangers of a tow truck driver faces while they do their job. The video was created to help share awareness and promote the “Move Over” law that Tennessee enacted in 2006. The video mentions, “More towers are killed than all other emergency response personnel combined yearly.” The video articulates the dangers emergency vehicles face on busy roadways.

According to data from the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), “In 2015, a work zone crash occurred once every 5.4 minutes and every day 70 work zone crashes occurred that resulted in at least one injury.” The “Move Over” law was created to reduce injuries and protect emergency vehicles. In 2016, TDOT decided to launch a new safety campaign in conjunction with the “Move Over” law, a campaign called “Work With Us,” which asked people to work with those pulled over on the side of the road by moving over and slowing down. Whether there is an accident or workers’ patching potholes, everyone deserves to be safe.

The campaign encourages everyone to “Move Over, Slow Down,” and requests those driving on the road to “Work with Us.” The law has been strictly enforced through the years, and if an individual fails to obey the “Move Over” law in the State of Tennessee when approaching an emergency vehicle, the maximum fine is $500 and up to 30 days in jail. If you are driving and see an emergency vehicle pulled over to the side of the road, move over and slow down. Safety is Tennessee’s priority, and every worker has the right to be safe on the roads. Signage for the campaign is scattered throughout the state of Tennessee and posted to remind drivers to “Move Over, Slow Down.”

If you or someone you know has been injured due to someone disobeying the law, he or she could receive compensation for their injury. A Tennessee truck accident lawyer can help those suffering an accident gain compensation for medical bills, pain, and suffering, and possible lost wages due to an accident.   

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Additional Resources

TDOT offers additional resources on their site to help spread awareness for the “Move Over” law and the request to “Work with Us” campaign. As citizens, it’s our civic responsibility to help protect our emergency personnel and help promote safety across the state. Below are links that citizens can use to help keep our emergency personnel safe.

Also, TDOT provides tools to assist motorists with up to date road conditions such as construction and changes in speed limits. If you’re interested in the current road conditions click the links below:

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Although the “Move Over” law is enforced in Tennessee, there are still citizens that disobey the law. If you or someone you know has been in a truck accident due to someone else’s negligence and defiance of the law, they could be compensated for their injuries. A Tennessee truck accident lawyer is aware of the laws that are enforced in the state and has the knowledge and experience to handle insurance companies. We want every injury victim to know we care, and we have dedicated our practice to getting our clients the settlement they deserve.

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