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Surviving a traumatic accident only to be left with the drastically life-changing disability of a serious injury is, for many people, a fate worse than death. When an injured victim envisions the future, life looks quite a bit different than the one he or she had always planned.

Accident injury victims often face mental devastation, in addition to their new physical limitations. As a consequence, not only does the injured person see an uncertain future, his or her loved ones and dependents face uncertainty, too. Emotional therapy and family support can help an amputee through the mental transition of accident recovery, but it will take time and hard work to make the physical transition.

The Chattanooga personal injury lawyers at the McMahan Law Firm understand the hardship that can come with an injury. They are dedicated to getting accident victims in East Tennessee the money they need to compensate for their serious injuries. 

Common Personal Injuries

Certain injuries are more common with accidents. Some serious injuries can be felt right away, while others can take days before you can tell their full extent. If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident, seek medical treatment right away.

Brain Injury

According to the CDC, more than 1.5 million people suffer a brain injury every year and brain injuries account for almost one-third of all personal injury-related deaths. About 17% of brain injuries occur in auto accidents. But, slip and fall accidents, assaults and athletic activities are other common brain injury instigators.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI), mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) and concussion are all terms for what happens to the brain when a person sustains a blow to the head. These injuries can be hard to diagnose. Unlike an injury to an arm or a leg, a bruise to the brain remains hidden inside the skull. Outward symptoms of a brain injury can develop quickly or may evolve across days and weeks. Symptoms can be as severe as a blackout or coma, or so mild that they are barely noticeable. Mild symptoms of a brain injury need to be taken as seriously as more severe symptoms. A blow to the head can result in brain swelling or internal bleeding, the results of which can be catastrophic — even deadly — if not treated immediately or properly.  Closed head injuries can leave a lifetime of symptoms like personality changes, emotional difficulties and depression. Memory, muscle control, logical thinking skills and speaking abilities are also frequently affected.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries make up the bulk of personal injury claims, whether from an auto accident or a work accident. The soft tissue of the body is basically anything other than the skeletal system. Cuts, bruises and sprains are what we most commonly identify as soft tissue injuries.

 Much of the time, these kinds of soft tissue injuries can be treated with first aid — bandages, hot or cold compresses and rest, but an injury accident doesn’t have to be severe enough to cause a broken bone to be considered serious. Whiplash, lacerations and severe bruising can add up to large medical bills, temporary disability and ongoing treatment with a therapist or doctor.


Limb amputations can happen because of auto accidents or work accidents, or during the life-saving surgical procedures that follow those accidents. For those who physically qualify, prosthetic limbs can provide great assistance. But prosthetic limbs are very expensive, may require numerous fittings and years to learn how to use them. Prostheses aren’t suitable for all amputees, though. Some TN amputation accident victims may require live-in caretakers for daily assistance, plus construction and other modifications be made at home to make room for a wheelchair or other device.

Back and Spinal Injury

Anyone who has experienced back pain, or who has watched a loved one suffer with back problems, knows just how seriously a back and spinal injury can affect the overall quality of life. Throughout our lives, we’re cautioned to take care of our backs during play, during work and even while sitting in a desk chair. It’s just not fair when someone causes and accident that derails a lifetime of healthy habits. An accident that causes serious injury to the back or spine can lead to the victim enduring constant, daily pain management or even paralysis. 

There’s no doubt that back and spinal injury is serious, but it can be difficult to determine just how serious. Even under constant medical care, an accident injury victim will need time to heal before the permanent damage of a back injury can be seen

The Insiders Can Handle Your Personal Injury Claim

Adrenaline flow prevents most accident injury victims from even recognizing the pain of an injury until hours or days after the incident. That’s why it’s so important to seek medical advice anytime you are involved in an accident. Insurance company reps are well-versed in arguing for their best interests in an accident claim. If you delay medical treatment the insurance company may use that against you. Documentation of an injury as soon as possible after an accident keeps the settlement claim in your court.

The Chattanooga personal injury lawyers at The McMahan Law Firm work with medical experts, therapists and loved ones to help convince the insurance company — or a jury — just what kind of financial settlement is required for the lifelong management of a serious injury. Not only does the injury victim suffer pain, lost wages and a lifetime of medical care, but his or her loved ones suffer, too. It’s our job seek fair compensation after this kind of devastating injury so you and your family can concentrate on the road to recovery.

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