McMahan Law Firm’s Pay It Forward Segment Recognizes Local Homebound Teacher

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To ‘pay it forward’ means to respond to a person’s kindness by being kind to someone else. At McMahan Law Firm, we strongly believe that kindness goes a long way and can make a big difference in other people’s lives. That’s why we are always looking for ways to pay it forward.

Recently on our weekly Pay It Forward segment on News Channel 9, homebound teacher, Victoria Pritchard, was featured.

Ms. Pritchard was nominated to receive $500 as part of our Pay it Forward program because of her inspiring work with one of her students, Tripp Hathcock. Tripp, otherwise known as the Tennessee Vol’s biggest fan, has spina bifida and is non-verbal. As Tripp faces more challenges than other students, he needed the perfect teacher to help him with his schooling. He found that in Ms. Pritchard.

After years of hard work, dedication, and a fair amount of Ms. Pritchard’s famous pumpkin crumble cake, Tripp has graduated high school and found a life-long friend.

“Tripp benefited because she stuck by him, even though we didn’t know if he would make it or not. She would continue to come to the home. If he would have had to switch teachers, the continuity of education would have been severed many, many times, but she stayed with him and gave him the self-confidence he needed,” Tripp’s mother, Peggy Hathcock, said.

Our attorneys at McMahan Law Firm are proud to have played a role in recognizing Ms. Pritchard for all the good she does in the community through her work with the Hathcock family and other students. We were honored to receive this heartwarming message from Tripp’s father about the recent Pay It Forward segment featuring Tripp and Ms. Pritchard’s story:

“There are not enough letters in the alphabet or words in the English language that I have used for the past 57 years to be able to adequately say THANK YOU for yesterday evening’s broadcast of Peggy and my son’s tribute to his former homebound teacher, Mrs. Victoria Pritchard. As Paul Harvey would have said, the “rest of the story” is also just as remarkable. Being on the ventilator 24 hours per day for the past decade makes it impossible for Tripp to be able to speak with his voice as he once could do. Many, if not most or all, reporters and television professionals would have never even tried to understand, listen to, or find the time to develop a possible future new story for their segment. This is where I want to give credit and extreme thanks to Mrs. Jessica Harthorn for being much different. Not only did she actively communicate with Tripp by text, but she did so “long term” in an effort to make this story happen. A previous time was given, but at that time Tripp was back in the hospital and was not well enough for the filming process. Thank you again for not only honoring another person who is so deserving like Mrs. Pritchard with a tangible gift from the McMahan Law Firm and your television audience, but for also listening to, acknowledging, and allowing a young man with a compassionate heart and a courageous tenacity to achieve what so many take for granted, to not only be heard, but actually listened to by Jessica and those within your organization. Thank you again from a tremendously grateful dad, to ALL involved for the gift not only of this segment, but for the kindness shown to my son, Peggy and our entire family!”

-Lindsay Hathcock

We encourage everyone to find ways to pay it forward. Even the smallest acts of kindness can make a big difference! If you want to nominate an unsung hero or family in need, please fill out the form on News Channel 9’s website. Our team at McMahan Law Firm wants to help you help your neighbor!