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It’s no secret that Interstate 24 has become a hotspot for accidents in Southern Tennessee.   Many of these accidents have left people seriously injured and some have even taken lives.  Something has to be done, and that’s why the Department of Transportation is completing the Multimodal Corridor Study.  The study is meant to identify dangerous parts of I-24 and propose solutions for safety.

There are many spots along the 185 miles that I-24 covers in Tennessee where accidents are well over the state average.  They are pointing to ten spots in the state in particular and nearly half of those are located right here around Chattanooga.   These problem spots are even within a three mile stretch of one another.

So what makes these areas so dangerous?  Well according to the Tennessee Department of Transportation, this particular stretch of interstate has many curves and combined on and off ramps.  These design flaws coupled with distracted drivers and those driving too fast makes for a deadly combination.  TDOT plans to address all the state’s problem areas, but there isn’t a definite timeline for when all this work will happen.  For the time being they plan to add additional signs and pavement markers and hope motorists will drive with extra caution in these areas.

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