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Anyone who has ever been involved in a car accident will tell you the experience was scary. It doesn’t matter if it was a fender-bender or a multi-car pileup. Losing control of a car is unsettling, and then experiencing impact with another vehicle is even more terrifying. A car accident victim is quite fortunate if he or she walks away from the crash without a serious injury. Unfortanitely, when you are injuried in an accident, there can be a lot weighing on you. So, if you ar injured in a car accident due to no fault of your own in Knoxville or Chattanooga, call a car accident lawyer at the McMahan Law Firm. We are highly skilled attorneys here to help you fight to get the compensation you diserve.

There are a number of factors that can lead to a car accident: distractions, bad weather, or if a vehicle is traveling too fast while maneuvering around a hazard or making a turn. During an impact, vehicles with a high center of gravity, like sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and pick-up trucks, are commonly involved in rollover accidents. Rollover accidents often result in even more serious injuries. If the other driver was negligent while driving when the accident occurred, you may have an auto accident lawsuit. 

Car accidents already pose enough danger to drivers and passengers. It’s a different accident story when a vehicle that is known to rollover in an accident or have a malfunction reaches the consumer market with a manufacturing flaw. When a manufacturer is negligent with safety procedures and a vehicle causes an even more serious injury because of manufacturing issues, then it’s just not fair to the consumer. That’s when an auto product liability lawsuit comes into play.

After a car crash, in addition to dealing with property damage, loss of transportation, police reports and more, an accident victim has to sort out some emotional trauma. If a personal injury has been sustained in the accident, then the feeling of emotional stress is only compounded by the physical stress. Be assured, if we are able to take on your car accident lawsuit, a Chattanooga or Knoxville car accident attorney at The McMahan Law Firm will not let you travel the road to recovery alone.

Auto Insurance May Not Take Care of Everything

It sure seems like a car accident is exactly what we pay our auto insurance providers to take care of, and many times they do. But, there are too many instances where car accident victims get taken advantage of by greedy insurance companies.

Remember, insurance companies are in the business of making money, so of course they will try to save on an accident claim payout when they can. Insurance agents are savvy business people, they just know how to play the money game from an inside perspective. That’s the reason injury accident victims end up with settlements that don’t cover the bills, or claims that don’t get resolved efficiently or taking blame when it was obviously the other driver’s fault. A competent and experienced car accident lawyer won’t let that happen.

At the McMahan Law Firm, we what it’s like to work inside an insurance company, because our founder, Attorney John D. McMahan, did for 15 years before he became a personal injury lawyer. Mr. McMahan gained invaluable insight as an insurance company attorney and we’re now able to put that knowledge to work for the benefit of personal injury accident victims. Since we know the insurance adjusters’ game, we won’t allow them to work successfully against your best interests. We want to ensure you get the settlement you deserve, even if we have to file a car accident lawsuit to get it.

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After you or a loved one have been a victim of a car accident, make sure you contact our firm right away. We can help personal injury victims get the best care possible from the insurance company, and we can also investigate any product issues that may have contributed to the injury. If the accident resulted in a severe, life-altering injury or a wrongful death, we will assist you in sorting through the overwhelming decisions ahead and set you on the road to recovery. Remember, when we take on an accident case, there is no cost to you until we secure a settlement for you.

Keep our auto accident checklist in your glove box in case you are involved in an accident. Don’t wait until you’re frustrated with your accident claim to call Brent, Jay or any of our Chattanooga car accident lawyers. You can call us right after the accident has occurred. That way, we’re able to monitor your case right from the start, and that means better care for you and a better settlement or car accident lawsuit outcome when it’s all said and done.

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