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An injury at work can be anything from tripping over a loose electrical cord to a serious construction accident; a couple of days off for recovery, or a lifelong disability. Whatever the source of your work injury, there are important steps that will ensure you as a work accident victim get the most out of your employer’s workers’ comp insurance claim.

No matter how small some accidents seem, your employer must be informed of all workplace injuries right away. Most human resources departments have a detailed protocol for dealing with employee injuries. Paperwork will need to be filled out, phone calls made, and of course, you’ll probably be sent for medical treatment. When the boss is informed and everything is handled appropriately, your exam costs will be covered. So, it’s certainly worth it to speak up and get checked out by a doctor.

Workers’ Comp “What Ifs”

  • If you’ve been hurt on the job, your boss can’t say no to your workers’ compensation claims.
  • If your doctor directs you to take time off of work to recover from your accident injury, you cannot be fired for doing so.
  • If you have to sue the workers’ compensation insurer, you are not suing your boss and you cannot be fired for doing so.

Contact our Chattanooga workers’ compensation lawyers at The McMahan Law Firm about your claim as early as possible after you’ve been injured. We know the laws and will make sure your case is managed properly. Tennessee workers’ compensation laws are in place to ensure you and your family avoid economic devastation. The bills don’t stop rolling in just because you’re hurt and can’t work. Your employer has insurance in place for just this kind of situation; you and your family should not suffer catastrophic financial loss because of your on-the-job injury.

Going to a TN Judge with a Workers’ Comp Claim

In a workers’ compensation case, you are only entitled to recover the financial loss caused by your vocational impairment. Your workers’ comp trial judge ultimately determines that dollar amount. The Chattanooga workers’ compensation lawyers at The McMahan Law Firm are well-practiced in arguing for those injured on the job. This is one of those times where the insider experience taught to us by Attorney John D. McMahan works in your favor. We know how insurance companies try to save money. We know how insurance adjusters and corporate lawyers intimidate claimants into taking less than they deserve after an accident at work.

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