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Your Guide To Filing A Work-Related Accident Report in Chattanooga

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For workers who have been injured during the course of their job, there is nothing more important or necessary than receiving benefits through the workers’ compensation system. However, applying for workers’ compensation is more complicated than many people might believe, and the process of receiving your benefits only begins once you’ve filled out a work accident report.

Your work accident report is perhaps the most crucial step of receiving the benefits that you need, which makes it vital that you learn how to fill out your report in the right way. Read a few tips for filling out a work accident report after a work related accident and information for finding a workers’ compensation attorney.

Make Your Report Quickly

The most important thing that you should be aware of is the need to fill out and submit your work accident report the moment your injury has occurred. Workers’ compensation requires that your report is submitted within thirty days of your injury occurring. If you wait until this timeframe has expired, you most likely will not be eligible to receive your benefits.

If your injury is one that presents over time such as carpel tunnel or other repetitive motion injuries, then it makes it difficult to know when you should fill out your report. The best idea is to fill out an accident report as soon as you know your progressive condition will prevent you from doing your job the way you normally would, and was likely caused by your work duties.

Include Important Information

In addition to filing your report in a timely manner, you need to be sure that your report contains the right information. If you leave important details out of your accident report, it can lead to your workers’ compensation benefits being denied.

First, your report should fully describe your accident, including who was involved and when/how it occurred. Secondly, you need to outline your injuries. Describe every part of your body that has been affected and how limiting your condition is. Lastly, you should include information about the medical treatments you have received for your injuries.

When your report is complete, submit it to your boss.

Follow Up Your Claim After a Work Related Accident

A mistake that many people make when filing a work-related accident report is not following up on their workers’ compensation application. In addition to periodically asking your employer how things are progressing, you need to keep detailed records so that your claim stays on track.

Save every document your employer has provided you and each form that you were required to fill out. If you’re able to work at all, keep notes about how your injuries have limited your ability to perform your job. You also need to document the financial impact of your injuries. Preserve your timesheets, check stubs and reports about medical expenses to support your claim.

Seek Guidance from an Attorney

If you’ve filled out your work-related accident report correctly and have still been denied your benefits, you need to fight for your claim with the help of The Insiders at the McMahan Law Firm.

The lawyers at the McMahan Law Firm understand the various ways a workers’ comp claim might be denied, and we can help you make sure your claim gets approved. Tell us about your injury so that we can start work on your claim.