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Does Having Nerve Damage Make Me Eligible To Receive Workers’ Compensation in Chattanooga?

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When people think of workers’ compensation claims, they usually think of on the job accidents that cause immediate injury. While many workers’ compensation claims stem from such injuries, there are thousands of nerve damage claims every year across the United States. Discover common nerve damage injuries that may occur in the workplace, how workers’ compensation treats those claims and what you can do about your nerve damage claim.

Examples of Nerve Damage Injuries

Injuries that ultimately result in nerve damage may not present symptoms immediately. It may be that another injury masks the nerve damage. For example, a slip-and-fall injury or fall from a ladder or other high place may result in a broken bone or severe bruising. These injuries will manifest earlier than nerve damage. In fact, the nerve damage itself might be a subsequent product of the original injury. Construction accidents, electrocution, even car accidents can also result in such nerve damage injuries.

Long Term Nerve Damage

The most common type of long-term nerve damage is carpal tunnel syndrome, wherein repeated and prolonged pressure on the median nerve weakens the hand to the point where it is no longer functional. Carpal tunnel syndrome is most frequently found in those who work with computers and those who work with vibrating mechanical tools. Additionally, certain jobs that require extended periods of sitting may take a long term toll on the sciatica nerve in the leg or the lumbar region of the back. These are all examples of potentially severe nerve damage injuries that, while not immediate, do indeed cause severe pain and disability.

Nerve Damage and Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is a federally mandated program wherein businesses with a certain number of employees are required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance to pay for on-the-job injuries. While most workers’ comp claims are immediate injuries that are fairly easy to document, there are some injuries, like nerve damage, that are not so easy. The best thing for a person who is seeking to file a workers comp claim to do is to make sure all of your medical records are as thorough and complete as possible. It is extremely difficult to fight these type of workers compensation claims without the aid of an experienced and dedicated workers’ compensation attorney.

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