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What You Need to Know About Applying For Workers’ Comp in Chattanooga, TN

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When you have been hurt on the job, it can be hard to know your best course of action. After you receive medical treatment for your injuries, you will have a stack of medical bills that need paying, which can be difficult when your injury prevents you from working for any extended period. Circumstances like these are the exact reason that workers’ comp benefits were developed. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the process for applying for workers’ compensation, making it possible that they miss out on the benefits they deserve. Read on to learn how to apply for workers’ compensation in Chattanooga, and find out how a workers’ compensation attorney can help ease the application process.

Understand Your Rights

The most important part of applying for workers’ comp is understanding the benefits you are entitled to. If it is found that your injury was preventable and that you were not at fault, then you have the right to receive medical treatment without being responsible for the cost. Additionally, you are eligible to receive temporary disability benefits that will help you survive until such a time that you can return to work. Understanding the benefits that you might receive before beginning the application process will help you to know what to ask for and the best way to prove that you are deserving.

Report Your Injury Immediately

After you have been injured on the job, you have a brief period to report your injury to a supervisor and start the process of applying for workers’ comp. Your injury needs to be reported within 30 days of occurring, or thirty days after you have received medical treatment and your doctor has deemed the injury to have resulted from conditions at your workplace. However, you should make sure to report your injury as soon as possible after your accident instead of allowing the window to expire. Not only will this speak to the seriousness of your injury, but it will also speed up the application process and shorten the amount time you have to wait to receive your much-needed benefits.

Undergo a Medical Examination

After you have reported your injury, the next step of the process is to select a doctor who will provide treatment. Your employer will provide you with a list of no less than three doctors in your area who will provide your care. After you select a doctor and sign a form with your employer, this doctor will be designated as your authorized caregiver, and your employer will pay for any treatment that you receive from them. Any treatment that you receive that is not under the supervision of your authorized physician will come at your own expense.

Apply for Workers’ Comp in Chattanooga with the Help of an Attorney

Even if you follow the correct steps for applying for workers’ compensation, it is possible for your employer to deny your claim. In these circumstances, you have the right for a review that will hopefully result in you receiving your benefits. However, before you start the review process, it is important that you get the right legal representation. To find an attorney who will help you apply for workers’ compensation in Chattanooga and will fight on your behalf if your claim has been rejected, look no further than the McMahan Law Firm. The expert attorneys at the McMahan Law Firm will review your workers’ comp claim and tirelessly work until it is approved. Contact us today so we can start working on your claim.