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Four Reasons Motorcycle Accidents Are More Deadly Than Any Other Type of Accident

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Motorcycles are a popular means of transportation. People absolutely love the sense of freedom they get when the engine is roaring and they’re tearing down the highway. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are all too common and tend to be far more deadly than other types of vehicle accidents. There are many reasons for this, some obvious and some not-so-obvious. Learn why statistics for motorcycle accidents are so devastating, how you can avoid accidents and what to do if you are hurt in a biking incident.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

The first thing to do when considering the deadliness of these kinds of incidents is to understand motorcycle accident statistics. In the year 2013, according to the NHTSA, there were over 4,600 fatalities from motorcycle crashes as well as 88,000 injuries to motorcyclists. This accounted for 14 percent of all traffic accident fatalities. These numbers are staggering.

Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

Part of the reason for these fatalities is that motorcycles carry dangers inherent to the vehicle that don’t exist with cars. Motorcycles have only two wheels, which makes them much more difficult to control, especially in situations where there are slick road surfaces such as rain, snow, ice, oil slicks or debris. Even potholes are far more dangerous to motorcycles than to cars.

Lightweight And Vulnerable

Another major factor in motorcycle accidents is the lightweight nature of the cycle. It is far less capable of taking a blow than a car or truck is, which makes it more subject to serious complications from an accident.

Perhaps the most obvious reason why motorcycle crashes are so devastating is that they are open and vulnerable. The very thing that makes them so attractive to drive means that if you get hit on a motorbike, you don’t have four walls and a roof surrounding you to protect you from injury.

Helmet Issues

Although it is a law in Tennessee that all motorcycle operators must wear a helmet which meets federal safety standards, there are still many bike riders that ignore this law, preferring the feeling of the wind in their face to the safety offered by a helmet. Drivers from other states passing through may not even have a helmet if it’s not required in their home state. Make no mistake: not wearing a helmet is a leading reason for motorcycle injuries and fatalities. Helmets save lives.

Careless Drivers

It’s unfortunate, but too many auto and truck drivers view two-wheeled vehicles as a nuisance. This leads to anger and carelessness around cyclists on the road. Such careless operation of motor vehicles also can result in fatal accidents. If you are a motorcycle rider, you need to be hyperaware of the vehicles around you and the behavior they exhibit. Never compete for the road—you’ll likely lose, and possibly to catastrophic consequences. Just give these drivers the space they need so that you can get back to enjoying your ride.

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident in Tennessee, you should immediately secure the services of a qualified, experienced and expert motorcycle accident attorney. There’s no fee unless we win your case, and no obligation for a consultation. Read a bit more about motorcycle accidents and personal injury and then get in touch with us for more information today.