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What You Need To Know To Drive Safely Through The Snow in Chattanooga, TN

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The winter months are fast approaching, and with winter time comes a number of things: the holidays with family, friends, fellowship and fun. It also brings with it gorgeous vistas and scenery as peaceful snow blankets the land.

Unfortunately, it also brings with it more cars on the road than almost any time of year, at a time when conditions are perhaps the worst of any time of year. If you take the time to be careful and drive properly, you can avoid major accidents. Learn some tips and advice to help you drive safely during snow and ice, and how a car accident lawyer can help if you’re in an accident.

Take It Easy

When you’re forced to drive in inclement weather, it’s important to give yourself the time you need. Just because the Speed Limit sign says “40” doesn’t mean it’s safe to drive that fast in snow and ice. Speed limits are established based on ideal road conditions, and inclement weather significantly reduces those road conditions. In the end, remember that it’s better to arrive late than not to arrive at all!

When going down a hill, pump your brakes if you don’t have ABS. If you do, slowly push the pedal to the floor and let it pump itself—a pulsing sensation is normal. Putting the car in neutral can help maintain control. Going uphill, put the car in low gear and keep your foot on the gas, providing steady pressure without trying to force it. Taking your foot off the gas is a good way to lose control and traction.

Stopping and Maneuvering

Just as it’s better to go slower during icy conditions, remember that it’s going to take longer to stop, and it’s going to be more difficult to maneuver in these conditions. Generally speaking, it takes two to three times as long to stop on slick roads as on ideal roads. This means that if you normally need 20 feet to stop at a given speed, give yourself 60 feet.

In addition, maneuvering is going to take longer and require more space. Even traveling at a reasonable speed, when you’re on slippery roadways there’s a chance of slipping and fishtailing when you take a turn. Be prepared for this and know how to react.

Keeping Control

Should you lose control of your vehicle, be sure to keep calm and steer into the spin rather than the other way. Trying to steer out of the spin will just increase your lack of control. The important thing is to regain traction, which happens by calmly steering into the spin and applying steady pressure on your brakes.

Car Accident Lawyer

No matter how careful you are, sometimes the irresponsibility of other drivers results in disaster. If you are in an accident due to the fault of another person, it’s important to have a qualified car accident lawyer in your corner who can help you defend your rights and get the settlement to which you are entitled.

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t go at it alone. Call the attorneys at the McMahan Law Firm for a free, no-obligation consultation about your case, and take the next step towards compensation today.