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Remember These 5 Tips To Keep You Safe On Your Chattanooga Labor Day Road Trip

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Labor Day is just around the corner and this holiday marks the unofficial end of the summer. Enjoying the last few weeks of warm weather is even better when you can travel with friends and family to a fun destination. Labor Day road trips are very popular and with all the popular attractions in Chattanooga and other cities, Tennessee is a prime destination. However, road safety is always key and a car accident would put a damper on your Labor Day festivities. Car accidents are more common during the summer months due to the number of people on the road. Read this guide to learn the safety tips you need to remember during your Labor Day road trip.

Get your Vehicle Checked

Never underestimate the importance of car maintenance. It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you have, all vehicles must be thoroughly checked and serviced before a major road trip. Road trips put more than the normal wear and tear on a vehicle. They add extra miles and force vehicles to perform during unpredictable weather and road conditions. Rain, extreme heat, dust, potholes and other obstructions can all affect our vehicle during a road trip.

Visit a mechanic before your trip, and schedule a tune-up. Make sure they check the brakes, rotate the tires, change the oil and make any other necessary modifications.

Manage the Cargo

Many SUV’s and crossovers are built to sustain an excess amount of weight which means you can carry a lot of cargo in the trunk. Store heavier items beneath the lighter ones in the trunk. Make sure to properly tie down anything on the rooftop.

Get Some Rest

This might be one of the most important road safety rules. Driving requires energy and traveling long distances will wear your body down. Get at least eight hours of sleep before a long trip and drink lots of water or fluids. Lack of sleep and water will make our body dehydrated. It is also best to alternate driving responsibilities with other passengers.

Pack an Emergency Kit

An emergency kit will come in very handy during a road trip. The best emergency kits include: first aid supplies, flares, flashlights, water, pillows and blankets, a cell phone, and a jumper cable. Keep your emergency kit in an easy to access space.

Call Your Car Accident Lawyer

All of these road safety tips will help you tremendously. However, car accidents can and do happen. If you are in the Chattanooga, TN area and you have recently experienced a car accident and are in need of a car accident lawyer, contact the offices of McMahan Law Firm. We are conveniently located in Chattanooga, Tennessee and we specialize in all types of vehicular accidents including car accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents. Our car accident lawyers have more than twenty years of experience litigating accident cases and we can provide the help you need. Don’t let a car accident ruin your day! Call us today.